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2024 Bakersfield NAACP Awards Extravaganza

You are currently viewing 2024 Bakersfield NAACP Awards Extravaganza

2024 Bakersfield NAACP Awards Extravaganza

Corner 10 Creative at the 2024 Bakersfield NAACP Awards Extravaganza

On the beautiful evening of February 2, 2024, the Bakersfield NAACP Awards Extravaganza celebrated the excellence of many African Americans in Bakersfield at an amazing venue, the Bakersfield Country Club.

The event served as a commendable platform to honor outstanding individuals whose dedication has significantly impacted and uplifted the local community of Bakersfield, CA. This celebration of altruism and commitment was not only a testament to the resilience of the human spirit but also an opportunity to express gratitude to those who tirelessly strive to make a difference.

Against the backdrop of this splendid occasion, Corner 10 Creative played a big role in enhancing the overall experience of the event’s after party. Tasked with the responsibility of setting up our 360 Booth Services there, Corner 10 Creative demonstrated our commitment to bringing a touch of magic to every celebration.

The decision to engage Corner 10 Creative for this event allowed attendees to be treated to a unique and immersive experience, capturing moments that would be etched in their memories forever.

The gratitude we have for the Bakersfield NAACP for hiring us was sincere acknowledgment of the trust placed in their ability to enhance such a significant event. The business Corner 10 Creative had with them through this event was not just a collaboration; it was a synergy of creativity and purpose, both driven by a shared commitment to community engagement and celebration.

For those who missed the extravaganza or those who simply wish to relive the magic, Corner 10 Creative has generously shared the 360 video gallery at The gallery serves as a visual testament to the joy and camaraderie that defined the event. It is not merely a collection of videos but a narrative that unfolds in a 360-degree panorama, inviting viewers to step into the immersive world of celebration.

Additionally, a captivating video encapsulating the fun moments from the event and showcasing Corner 10 Creative’s services throughout the night is available for viewing. The video, a montage of laughter, applause, and vibrant energy, not only encapsulates the highlights of the evening but also provides a glimpse into the seamless execution of the 360 Booth Services, illustrating the commitment of Corner 10 Creative to create unforgettable moments.

Please be sure to look at the detail in the video animation as well. With a background in computer animation and motion graphics, there was a lot of time put into the intro, overlay, and outro graphics used for the 360 videos. We aim to stand out in many ways with out services, our custom graphics being one of them.

In conclusion, the Awards Extravaganza was not just an standard local event, it was a celebration of community, dedication, and the collective efforts that shape a better future, with many more events like this to come in the follow years.

Our innovative 360 Booth Services added a touch of modernity and interactivity to this celebration, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of all those who attended. As the night concluded, the appreciation expressed by both the organizers and Corner 10 Creative hinted at the possibility of future collaborations, fostering the prospect of more remarkable events in the vibrant tapestry of the Bakersfield community.

Check out the video below showcasing some fun moments from the event and our services throughout the night.

Corner 10 Creative offers a wide variety of photo booth and video booth services including printing and digital options, overhead 360 booth, slow-mo booth, selfie booth and more!

We are based in Bakersfield, CA and also serve surrounding areas.


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