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Stevie Wonder Inspires

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Stevie Wonder Inspires

I’ve been using Stevie’s music as inspiration and a motivator in my life since my early 20s.

I can always find a song by him to help my mood no matter what I’m dealing with.

It’s great when I can find a video of him I’ve never seen before that offers a new way for him to inspire and motivate me.

This video is great because the keyboard supplied for him on stage isn’t working correctly so he immediately transitions to the acoustic piano and makes up a song on the spot about the broken keyboard!

This video made me think about the obstacles I’ve had in my life that could have left me broken and a shell of who I know I am. Instead of folding, I adapted to those situations and rebuilt myself to be a better version of myself using what I learned from those setbacks.

 If you aren’t familiar with the genius of Stevie Wonder’s music, today is a great time to get started on that journey!

Here is the video of the ‘broken keyboard’ song.

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