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The Corner 10 Creative Heroes

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The Corner 10 Creative Heroes

Even though this backpack is a product available through my online store, I really just created it for myself. I still wanted to show it off here because I like it so much and I also wanted to breakdown why I created these three characters.

Creative Heroes Breakdown

The three anime styled characters represent my services: website development, graphic design, and photo booth services.

The website development character is creating a blast made up of interweaving energy representing a web, a.k.a. the internet.

Corner 10 Creative Website Development Page

The graphic design character is creating energy with both hands representing the origins of my journey into graphic design since I started creating with my hands before I learned digital design working with computers.

Corner 10 Creative Graphic Design Page

The photo booth character has a glowing light in his hand representing the flash of a camera. The monocle type eye cover is the lens design that is also a part of my Corner 10 Photo Booth Services logo.

Corner 10 Creative Photo Booth Services Page

I revamped the look of my online presence at the start of 2021 with these characters as the source of my inspiration for the update. Being creative and unrestricted with that creativity is what Corner 10 Productions is all about and character design was something I did early on but strayed away from it with time.

With more technical service requests and corporate based work over the years, I felt like I was losing the identity I created early on for my business.

I decided to return to my origins and remind my current clients and potential clients that we will still handle any need requested but at our core, Corner 10 Productions is ‘Where Creativity Plays’ and we love to play with it!

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If you would like to purchase the backpack featured in this post and support the Corner 10 Creative Shop, check out the product page here:
Corner 10 Creative ‘Heroes’ Backpack

If you would like a custom designed backpack for your business, please send us an email with your request at:

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